Magento Integration for MYOB EXO

23 Digital has developed a powerful Magento connector for MYOB EXO to help you achieve your B2B and B2C eCommerce goals through data integration.

MYOB EXO Integration with Magento

23 Digital’s powerful Magento MYOB plugin integration solutions tightly integrate with MYOB EXO ERP systems. Many growing B2B and B2C businesses face the challenge of duplicate data entry. To solve this challenge, our MYOB integration experts have spent time researching different way to integrate these two systems to provide more visibility for business owners.

This end-to-end solution enables you to connect MYOB EXO to Magento so sales orders, inventory levels, shipping, customer information and more can move seamlessly between systems, without costly mistakes. Now you can drive your business to new heights with a fully integrated eCommerce solution to empower your multichannel aspirations.

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Data Integration Points

Our Magento MYOB extension uses true entity level mapping between the two systems.

  • Customer Integration: Unregistered guests, registered users, business accounts, dealers, resellers, partners, names, multiple addresses are integrated from MYOB EXO to Magento and Magento to MYOB EXO.
  • Product Integration: Products, dimensions, weight, custom attributes integration from MYOB EXO to Magento.
  • Price List Integration: Price levels, customer groups, customer tiers from MYOB EXO to Magento.
  • Product Prices Integration: Multiple product prices by price lists from MYOB EXO to Magento.
  • Inventory/Stock Integration: In-stock/out-of-stock indicators from MYOB EXO to Magento.
  • Sales Order Integration:Sales order header, ship-to/bill-to addresses, line items, quantities, unit prices, extended prices, tax amount, discounts, shipping & handling, total amount, shipping instructions from Magento to MYOB EXO.
  • Invoice Integration: invoice header, ship-to/bill-to addresses, line items, quantities, unit prices, extended prices, tax amount, discounts, shipping & handling, total amount from MYOB EXO to Magento.
  • Marketing Integration: Opt-in/opt-out preferences for marketing communications-email, direct mail, newsletters, etc.
  • Multi-Store, Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Currency capability.

Other MYOB Integrations

While we have particular expertise in getting Magento to integrate with MYOB EXO, we can also assist with other MYOB integrations such as:

MYOB Integration with Magento

  • Magento Integrate MYOB AccountRight
  • Magento Integrate MYOB Advanced
  • Magento Integration MYOB AccountRight
  • Magento Integration MYOB Advanced
  • Magento API Integration MYOB AccountRight
  • Magento API Integration MYOB Advanced
  • Magento Extension MYOB AccountRight
  • Magento Extension MYOB Advanced
  • Magento Connector MYOB AccountRight
  • Magento Connector MYOB Advanced

MYOB WooCommerce Integration

  • WooCommerce Integrate MYOB EXO
  • WooCommerce Integrate MYOB AccountRight
  • WooCommerce Integrate MYOB Advanced
  • WooCommerce Integration MYOB EXO
  • WooCommerce Integration MYOB AccountRight
  • WooCommerce Integration MYOB Advanced
  • WooCommerce API Integration MYOB EXO
  • WooCommerce API Integration MYOB AccountRight
  • WooCommerce API Integration MYOB Advanced
  • WooCommerce Extension MYOB EXO
  • WooCommerce Extension MYOB AccountRight
  • WooCommerce Extension MYOB Advanced
  • WooCommerce Connector MYOB EXO
  • WooCommerce Connector MYOB AccountRight
  • WooCommerce Connector MYOB Advanced

MYOB WordPress Integration

  • WordPress Integrate MYOB EXO
  • WordPress Integrate MYOB AccountRight
  • WordPress Integrate MYOB Advanced
  • WordPress Integration MYOB EXO
  • WordPress API Integration MYOB AccountRight
  • WordPress API Integration MYOB Advanced
  • WordPress Extension MYOB EXO
  • WordPress Extension MYOB AccountRight
  • WordPress Integration MYOB AccountRight
  • WordPress Integration MYOB Advanced
  • WordPress API Integration MYOB EXO
  • WordPress Extension MYOB Advanced
  • WordPress Connector MYOB EXO
  • WordPress Connector MYOB AccountRight
  • WordPress Connector MYOB Advanced
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Benefits of Our Magento MYOB Integration

You might wonder why you should risk upsetting your current business processes that are working well for you. It’s important to remember that in today’s global economy, every business must continually improve its product or service, while at the same time tightly controlling or reducing costs. The need for quick order turnaround and accurate data transfer is more critical than ever, making Magento MYOB API integration crucial.

Key Benefits of Our Solution:

Liberate valuable resources: Focus your resources on other high priority work, instead of tedious manual data entry to your website and ERP. Our Magento MYOB extension helps you automatically schedule and process without human intervention.

Eliminate manual and duplicate entry: Bi-directional integration between MYOB EXO and Magento eCommerce helps you eliminate manual and duplicate data entry.

Dramatically improve speed: Our Magento integration with MYOB EXO can give your company a healthy competitive advantage by improving speed. Once you receive data from Magento, it is immediately ready for use with other internal applications such as your customer relationship management system (CRM).

Improve operational efficiency: In addition to the above benefits, your business can benefit in other ways, such as improved trading partner relationships and better efficiencies in supply chain management.

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