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CBIS – Comprehensive Business Improvement Solutions

23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Efficient Comprehensive Business Improvement Solutions – that’s what the company deals in!

CBIS is a well-acquainted name in the business development market! Cross-disciplinary expertise in business enhancement framework empowers it to achieve the much expected excellence and accomplishments while collaborating with line managers and business owners.

The Challenges

CBIS was in search of an advanced and rich content management system. The migration service for WordPress development theme was a priority – more so, since the business was now heading to manage events globally!

Inefficacy in the Course Booking System
Despite client focus, an eye to detail, diversified expertise and knowledge, the business experienced obstacles due to –
  • Ineffective course booking mechanism
  • Hampered events management for course booking
  • Inability to offer a holistic graphical representation
Ineffective UX Improvements
Every client engagement and service interaction undoubtedly matters for businesses.
  • Hindered information flow regarding training
  • Dampened clientele recovery
  • Unproductive interaction data
Abortive device friendliness
In present times, every business site is almost impeccably used on all platforms – desktops/laptops/mobile phones. The previous version of the website demanded alternations –
  • Not 100 per cent device friendly
  • Hindered brand engagement
  • Inefficient representation of scope of service
  • Unproductive info-graphics usage

The Solution We Gave

In the current era, online presence is integral to operation in any field. WordPress design and development offers the best platform that possesses all the required expertise and resources required for publishing the website online.

Website Redesign/Development
WordPress migration services, popular as one of the best Content Management System was highly required for the business.

While being open source software, WordPress theme development, the community is an entire ecosystem in itself. An expansive and knowledgeable team of experts specialising in are eager to collaborate and extend their beneficial service.
  • Built a custom interface
  • Facilitates all WordPress options
  • Heightens flexibility
  • Boosts freedom
Fosters Portal Usage
Deployment of the best WordPress design provides an excellent user-friendly and beautiful content editor.

A unique experience for the end user is imperative with the usage of WordPress UI design with a seamless yet simple interface. With the best-in-class content editing experience, it offers editors with innovative new features.
  • Efficient migration of all articles, events, and users
  • Course booking module development
  • Enhances enterprise level security
  • Bolsters scalability
Plug-in Integration
In a WordPress upgrade website, plug-in serve as advanced software that extends a plethora of features and functions.

Along with certain level of safety and security, the process to convert website to WordPress makes adding advanced features and functionalities to the website easier.
  • Integration of calendar & event booking plug-in
  • Incorporation of multiple plug-in payment gateway – LimePay, Paypal
  • Implemented Enhance e-Commerce Google Analytics plugin
Business Expansion
The present times call for newer ways along with website speed optimisation of living for both organisations and businesses.

Advanced technology extends more sophisticated ways, such as UI/UX enhancements and website loading speed, for reaching out to prospective customers efficiently while keeping the company updated with the changes around!
  • Incorporation of digital marketing
  • Building the entire site 100 percent device friendly
  • Expanding consumer base
  • Increase business inquiries

The Result

The idea to convert static to WordPress actively focuses on a profitable and fast-growing market for the concerned business.

Better Online Event Booking

Enhances user experience

Newer Events Feature

Achieves business goals (successful project delivery)

Improved Content Management System

Increased traffic for targeted keywords

Fostered Security & Performance

Boosts professional impression and reliability

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