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Orien Dental Supplies

23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Orien Dental Supplies, a privately-owned Australian organisation, offers premium quality products to maintain dental hygiene and keep oral health up-to-mark!

The company deals in a plethora of oral products online that fulfils most dental requirements of the citizens. Be it the restorative techniques or oral examinations, the company offers quality items at competitive prices in amalgamation with knowledgeable and courteous customer service along with prompt service.

The Challenges

The older version of Orien Dental Supplies demanded Magento development showcased a few inadequacies that dampened business generation. The website structure and shopping flow was not designed properly and was old-fashioned.

Demanded Site Upgradation
The older version featured a few setbacks with functionalities that needed to be worked upon for the business to gain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Magento 1 without Netsuite configuration
  • Multiple functionality related bugs
  • Three websites with different designs
  • Multiple website with single admin
Hindered Business Transactions
The prior website inhibited incurring positive results as it was not updated in accordance to continuously changing technological demands and consumer requirements. Its non-user friendly features restricted maximisation of user experience.
  • Website loading issue
  • Less conversions
Demanded Data Migration M1 to M2
The prior website hindered website speed optimisation and proved futile in updating the vision or message according to their current market dynamics and business goals.
  • Custom pick-up login
  • Required Netsuite implementation
  • Machship shipping module integration
  • Deployment of customized shipping method

The Solution We Gave

Our developers were particular while designing three sites in a single setup. While conducting the Magento 1 to Magneto 2 migration service, our developers implemented Netsuite to export order and customers from the store. We also created a Netsuite bridge for importing products and clients from Netsuite to M2 on the basis of multiple flags.

ERP Integration
Our developers reckon that integration of Multisite Magento serve as a significant payoff for both the business and their consumers. The Magento JCurve & Netsuite Integration solution enhances efficiency of organisational operations.
  • Automates business processes
  • Better consumer experience
  • Eliminates manual data entry between systems
  • Curbs data processing times
M1 to M2 Upgrade
Our developers advice in favour of Magento development service to protect from malware, cyber attack, phishing and other security threats. The solution offers upgraded tools and choice of options along with security patches and official support updates.
  • Implement customised pickup logic
  • UX improvements
  • Migrate data (products + customers) from M1 to M2
  • Manage sign flow (signing up from main site requires only to accept inquiry to sign up)
Functionality Enhancements
Our developers acknowledge that Magento 2 migration is the latest and greatest software upgradation. We ensure to offer scalability, flexibility, security, speed, and ease-of-use.
  • Smarter, faster, operations
  • eWay payment gateway inclusion
  • Increased traffic for targeted keywords
  • Setup 3rdparty Machship shipping module
  • Single admin for websites for processing orders, products, and customers
Consumer Interaction Enhancement
Our developers reckon that along with UI/UX enhancements, flawed assumptions regarding products often contribute to customer-experience strategies in future. That’s why they prefer to uplift client interaction to boost professional impression of the brand.
  • UI improvements
  • SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Stimulate website loading speed

The Result

Our developers ensure their offered Magento 2 migration service and solutions transform the platform into one that extends unique experience.

Boosts Reliability

Escalates performance and security

Enhances Experience

Increase business inquiries

Fosters Traffic

Heightens revenue generation

Swell business transactions

Establish rand authority and awareness

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