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Roof Rack Superstore

23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Adventure and touring accessories for vehicles – that’s what the company deals in!

Bike carriers, roof racks, water sports and touring accessories and like are the products that Roof Rack Superstore sells. Stockpiling a range of additional gears that facilitates tours, trips, and adventure activities, the company caters to your whims and fancies all round the year.

The Challenges

As the name suggests, Roof Rack Superstore specialises in roof racks. The previous website contributed to hindered business activity and required upgradation in functionality, client expectations, advanced technologies and device friendliness.

Site Up-gradations
The prior website featured limitations when it came to brand exposure, business generation, and goals achievement. An efficient site enhancement should contribute to prospective client awareness with efficient visitor communication.
  • Upgradation to newer technologies
  • Loading speed optimisation
  • SEO friendly URLs and designs
  • Device friendly design
Limited Functionality
The previous site did not feature a multi-channel commerce strategy. Since the earlier website wasn’t an omni-channel technology it impeded growth and online revenues while increasing market penetration and share building competitive advantage.
  • Multisite requirements
  • Improve website security
  • Hinder sales
  • Decline ROI
Ineffective Customer Satisfaction
There is no denying that clientele satisfaction is vital for competitive advantage over market competitors. The earlier site could not procure effective consumer satisfaction.
  • Absence of bundle product options
  • Admin domain did not feature self managed functions
  • Hinder brand interaction

The Solution We Gave

In recent times, consumers demand brand engagement, efficiency and convenience when demanding online services for real estate courses. Our developers deploy .net to create web applications and feature-rich websites.

Site Enhancement
We are an expert in this domain. We can skilfully build applications instead of writing repetitive routines.

Most web developers and development companies today focus on advanced technologies to meet growing demand for innovative products and the rising competition.

  • Tailors industry specific theme design
  • Facilitates website speed optimisation
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Browser friendly navigation
  • Add cart features
Upgrades to ASP.NET MVC technologies
Our experienced developers are well-versed in working with .net platforms while ensuring increased traffic for targeted keywords.

Our developers can procure the required reports, offer bundle products options, and export/import feature for admin.

  • Added Machship/REX 3rd party integration
  • Fosters website loading speed
  • Improve checkout with MSI features
  • Add Qty management using REX API
  • Add multi-site features
Boost Security Features
Along with UX improvements, the user end search feature is yet another suggestion from our developers that enhances security measures while ensuring optimised development and fast loading.

Larger organisations often bring in changes that keep all departments and teams together. They strive to offer them timely information for efficient performance while gaining the best results.

  • UI/UX enhancements
  • Develop the admin section with latest design
  • Admin friendly layout and easy-to-use module
  • Effectively enhance pagination and search for all module

The Result

The current website benefits the business in multiple ways. It enhances both aestheticism and functionality of the site.

Fosters User Engagement

increase business inquiries

Secured Online Payment

Augment clientele trust

Efficient Professional Learning Approach

Amplify performance to the best level

Boost Performance Tracking

Garnering brand loyalty

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