Facebook Follows Instagram in Hiding Likes – What This Means for Social Media Marketing

Facebook Follows Instagram in Hiding Likes – What This Means for Social Media Marketing

In a bid to improve user experience – as the official line goes – Facebook is now hiding like counts on posts. This latest move by Facebook could be out of genuine concern for mental health, or it could be a publicity stunt pressured into being by the similar change made by Instagram earlier this year. Either way, this removal of publically displayed likes is a trial run in Australia which will determine whether the social media giant implements the change in other countries too. With the removal of the social proof provided by like numbers, you might be wondering how this will affect your business’ social media marketing. Continue reading to find out.

Content Quality Will Be Highlighted

When there are no numbers to tell people how to feel about a piece of content, you’re just left with the content itself. People will now be more in touch with their own feelings about content and less influenced by others. The best way of reaching them now is to create high-quality content with great copywriting and eye-catching visuals.

The Playing Field Will Be Evened Out

Whereas previously it was all too obvious that your brand was just starting out while a competitor had hundreds of likes, now it’s an even playing field. You can even get more leads than a more established brand if your message is targeted and your content is well created and visually pleasing.

You Must Target Your Message

With less social proof visible to the public about your business, you need to find other ways to stand out. Crafting a marketing message about your company that’s highly targeted to your audience will always work. This is because relevant advertising gets through to consumers and has done so since the dawn of marketing history. It’s a central tenant of good advertising.

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