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23 Digital works with leading brands who consider SEO to be an integral part of their digital marketing offering. We create award-winning SEO strategies and campaigns that increase visibility, engage audiences and achieve client goals. Many marketers from the brands we work with came to us because their SEO performance had plateaued. Traffic and revenue growth had flat lined, and their current SEO agency had no answers to address their concerns. We follow four steps process to generate awesome results.


We always start with live data – taken from your site and from external sources. We also carry out our own desk research. This helps to understand you as a client, your objectives, your sector, your competitive landscape. Interrogated and interpreted correctly, this is gold dust for our SEO strategists to work from. The insight identifies the areas and scope of opportunity and assesses whether the objectives set are realistic in relation to the intelligence.

  • Client SEO Objectives
  • Analytic & Goal Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Penalty Removal
Customer Acquisition Strategy
Digital Strategy,SEO and Display Ad strategy

SEO Strategy

With input from technical, content and creative specialists, the strategists compile a bespoke SEO strategy to meet your individual brief. SEO Strategy should never be boiler plate in our view. This comprehensive SEO strategy becomes the route map for all campaigns, propositions and activity to follow. You then have the confidence of knowing that all work produced across all channels will be on message and on target, providing you with the smartest, most cost-effective route to reach your destination – your KPIs.

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Onsite Technical SEO Strategy
  • Link Profile
  • Targeted Outreach
  • News & press release
  • Social Outreach


The Initial SEO research we carry out will also identify any on-site issues which should be addressed before campaigns start running-issues which could hinder navigation, engagement or goal conversion. Issues which could affect your campaign’s bottom line performance if not attended to. These are agreed with you and worked on-either by us or your own in-house team if you prefer-within what we call the ‘Foundations’ stage. Launching without proving the foundations will inevitably affect your return on investment.

  • Site Architecture
  • Content Optimisation
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Call to Action Implementation
  • Technical SEO optimisation
  • Internal Link Structure
  • URL Structure
  • Mobile Experience
What is Digital Strategy
User Experience Strategy

Campaign Delivery

Most clients use us on a retained basis to deliver the marketing campaigns in line with the SEO strategy and plans we have created. We work in 120 day activity cycles, by the end of which we will have evaluated the outcomes and honed the strategy accordingly. Depending on the results, the next 120 day plan may see us focusing more of our efforts on certain areas of activity to keep the performance on track. For instance, traffic building tools such as paid or content marketing may be decreased in favour of, say, conversion optimisation for the next cycle. This ability to be flexible and hone the strategy in line with the data is a key to success.

  • Ongoing Campaign Management
  • Onsite Technical Support
  • Onsite Content Support
  • Offsite Link building
  • Outreach Support
  • Social Profile set and Management
  • Infographics & Whitepaper Downloads
  • Reporting & Ongoing Improvement

Our SEO Services Snapshot

SEO Services
Competitor Analysis

In-depth competitor benchmarking and comparison, aligned to your business goals.

Audience Intelligence

Deep understanding of your customers’ pain points, personas, and affinities, designed to drive your organic marketing.

SEO Melbourne
Tracking and Analytics Setup

Ensure your data integrity and accuracy with custom configuration of your tagging and analytics platforms.

SEO Company Melbourne
Customer Journey Analysis

Understand your customers’ path to purchase across channels and devices before you invest.

SEO Services
Conversion optimisation

Purchase path analysis, test planning and design enhancements to increase ROI from your marketing spend.

Site Audits

Detailed assessment of your website and organisation’s SEO maturity using our proprietary analysis model.

SEO Services
Keyword Research

Understand your SEO investment before spending a dime by forecasting traffic, sales and ROI from organic search.

SEO Services Melbourne
Technical optimisation

Expert technical consultancy to ensure future-proofed SEO foundations for your platform, integration across channels and innovative features for your website.

Link auditing and removal

Google penalty recovery and proactive identification of toxic links to ensure a clean link profile

SEO Company Sydney
Content Distribution

Amplify your branded content across global publishers and niche bloggers with our scaled distribution.

SEO Company Brisbane
Content Audit

We identify the quality of your content and how it engages your target audience at each stage of the customer journey.

SEO Company Melbourne
Copywriting and editorial

Short and long form digital copywriting for people and search engines, in the language of your audience and your brand.

Our Recent Work

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