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Car Care Products

23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Products that facilitates the car detailing process the best – that what the company deals in!

Car Care Products Australia, offers the best quality products for detailing, washing, maintaining appearance and integrity of the vehicle. With a vast stock of long lasting ceramic coating solution to car polisher kit, it offers the best materials to protect your prized possession!

The Challenges

The Magento Development was carried out as the prior version(s) featured a few challenges. The version demanded site alterations, constant maintenance, and offered unsatisfactory user experience.

Site Alteration
The old site was not an e-Commerce website due to which sale of products was hampered.
  • Hindered flexibility
  • Did not offer a competitive edge
  • Dampened achievement of business goals
Incessant Maintenance
Inefficiency in the website resulted in increased bugging and slow content download.
  • Inadequate security
  • Lesser transaction options
  • Omni Channel instead of CIN7 integration
Unsatisfactory User Experience
Did not meet consumer experience and client-friendliness expectations.
  • Disrupted user flow causes friction between the user and the UI.
  • Inadequate content placement led to confusion while navigation.

The Solution We Gave

With expert Magento development services we worked on the site layout. In terms of security, performance, SEO, speed, and simplicity of use, the new version outperformed the previous one. Post eCommerce development along with managing the entire business effortlessly, store owners can even handle promotions and marketing!

Normal & B2B Website Management
In recent times, consumers, dealers and distributors usually expect to do business digitally.
  • Procured a modern digital experience
  • Eliminated manual processing, resulting in lesser errors and curbed ministration effort
  • Enhanced planning and stock management
Social Media Integration
Increased Brand engagement and interaction – greater opportunity to promote products and services.
  • Incorporation of social media links to increase business inquiries
  • Wider awareness of the website contents
  • Fostered conversion potential
Website Speed Optimisation
The current site garners considerable popularity due to its faster website loading speed.
  • Quick loading of site contents and renders (even larger files!) in the browser
  • Web performance and subsequent practices to boost consumer experience.
  • Eliminated all scope of leaving the site before downloading completion!
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Digital Marketing
The current version has earned immense traction for advanced SEO features and its ability to garner increased traffic for targeted keywords.
  • Mobile Friendly – Excellently optimised the ranking factor and for mobiles phones.
  • Meta Keywords, Description & Title – Featured meta tags for individual pages.
  • Simplified the task of tackling page traffic, landing page indexing, and website
Shipping & Cin7 Integration
The upgraded version, featuring Cin7 integration with Magento resolves one of the major issues with the previous version, i.e., storage performance. Cin7 Magento Integration unifies your goods, sales channels, inventory locations, orders, warehouses, processes, reports, and much more into a one automated system. The Cin7 API integration offers one linked source of truth that delighted everyone throughout the organisation. Cin7 CRM provide operations, financial, warehouse, and ecommerce management with the resources that need to collaborate more effectively. 
  • Connecting Cin7 to Magento 2 facilitated easy management of multiple locations
  • Prevented stock-outs for the sales force
  • The Cin7 Magento extension maintained accurate record keeping.
  • The latest shipping software helped in consolidating orders from the marketplaces and website in one place.
  • Labeling and packing slip creation became easy and fast.
UI/UX Enhancements
The latest developments prevent instances of customers abandoning the website. UX improvements contributed in effective brand creation.
  • Fostered consumer satisfaction
  • Kept users hooked
  • Stimulated brand reputation
  • Attracted more traffic
Magento 2 and Braintree
with PayPal Using Single Account – The Braintree integration with Magento brought in easy payment method to boost consumer preference.
  • Facilitated global business
  • Configure Braintree in Magento expanded client base
  • Braintree Magento 2 integration contributed to business prosperity

The Result

The current version transformed the online business store into a unique one.

Efficient Up-gradation

Stimulated Brand Interaction & Experience

Reduced Loading Speed

Increased ROI & Conversion Rate

Better utilisation of cost, time, and resources

Curtailed Expenditure

Curtailed instances of security breaches

Boosted Reliability

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