3 Benefits You Can Enjoy with Social Media Marketing

3 Benefits You Can Enjoy with Social Media Marketing

Social media is by no means a new phenomenon. It is, however, a crucial ingredient when it comes to marketing for your business. Social media has the potential to generate such benefits as increased recognition, traffic and sales. All these advantages come with very little financial commitment. When you put it like that, why wouldn’t you do social media for your business? If you’re working with a digital agency in Melbourne on your website or SEO, ask about social media if you’re not already doing it. It really can boost the exposure of your business and capture potential new customers who are already online. Read on to learn about three of the biggest benefits you can enjoy with social media marketing.

1. Greater Brand Awareness

When you start sharing high-quality, informative and helpful content on social media, with links to blog posts on your website, it puts your name out there in a new way. You can enjoy great amounts of traction as your high-quality content is shared around the social media sphere. Each time your post is shared, it reaches a new set of people, thereby rapidly increasing brand awareness. As new prospects read your content, they’ll learn about your brand and what you stand for. This is why it’s so important to generate SEO blog articles and social media content of the highest calibre – it’s a poster board for your brand.

2. More Traffic Coming Your Way

Social media allows you to cast a net wider than your usual customer circle. It’s a way of finding people who are unfamiliar with your brand so you can speak directly to them, which is a vital component of marketing. You can, in some cases, resell to the same customers. But in certain industries, this isn’t possible due to the nature of the product or service being sold. Having a strategic social media plan in place is an effective way of finding new customers for your product or service.

3. Better Search Engine Rankings

Social media doesn’t directly affect SEO (search engine optimisation), but Social Media Examiner states that 58% of marketers using social media for a year or more do notice improved search engine rankings. While you’re making quality content to share on social media, you might notice industry influencers starting to take notice of your posts. There may be a chance for them to write about your business and provide links to your website, which will help your SEO by way of backlinks. Before you begin doing social media, you really don’t know what opportunities will open up to you. Focus on good quality content and good things will likely happen for your business. It’s digital marketing karma!

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