How to Give Your SEO a Boost for the New Financial Year

How to Give Your SEO a Boost for the New Financial Year

Is your company website a little slow? Well, that’s a cross against you in the eyes of the all-powerful Google. In order to please Google and rank well, you need to get on board the express train to good UX – otherwise known as user experience. Google rankings are all about UX, because Google cares about people having an excellent user experience on the sites they rank high.
If your pages take ages to load or your content isn’t relevant, this leads to people having a poor user experience, meaning they’ll jump out of your site and back to the Google search results quicker than a frog jumping out of a hot saucepan. We’re not joking here − you’ve got to get this right in order to rank well in Google. If you’re looking to boost your SEO for the new financial year, here are the top 3 things you should be working on. Ready?

Page Speed

We’ve been harping on about page speed on this blog for a while now, and that’s because it’s very, very important. Mobile browsing has become the norm, and when someone is on the go, the last thing they want is a website that loads… very… slowly. One possible solution to this is to create an on-point mobile experience for your website using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). AMPs make sure that your mobile web experience is fast and engaging. If you have a prehistoric page speed, looking into AMP technology could be a smooth move.

Local SEO

Want to hear a secret? Local SEO is the new black when it comes to ranking in Google for small to medium businesses in Australia. While generic search terms in your industry can be hard to rank for, finding other options for the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) could help. May we introduce “Local Pack”? The gist of Local Pack is that if your business is optimised for a local Google search, it will have a much greater chance of ranking high. So while you might not be the biggest company, you can still enjoy a piece of the Google pie. And who doesn’t like pie?

Featured Snippets

Once upon a time, everyone was trying to rank #1 on Google. But all that has changed with the appearance of Featured Snippets. Why be #1 when you can be one better, at position #0? Featured Snippets provide all the visibility you need to gain more traffic. A Featured Snippet is a box that appears at the top of search results which has content taken from a website with a link to that site underneath. So how do you get featured? You need to provide high-quality answers to your customer’s questions within your content. The best way of ranking well is to answer the real questions that people are typing into Google when they search for your product or service. This is how you build authority in Google’s eyes.

Need Help With the Details? 23 Digital is Here for You

If you need help optimising your content for SEO and finding other innovative ways of improving the UX of your website, 23 Digital is here to help. Our team of SEO experts and professional writers can provide the support you need to boost your Google rankings. Jump on the express train to good UX today by calling 23 Digital on 1300 233 444.

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