3 Digital Trends to Keep Your Eye On

3 Digital Trends to Keep Your Eye On

3 Digital Trends to Keep Your Eye On
Every year, there’s a new must-have thing; a new technology, a new tool, or a new theory of marketing. And every year, audiences become more tired of marketing tricks. This is why constant innovation in marketing is not just desirable, but also a necessity if you’re going to stand out from the crowd and be heard. 23 Digital has put together this short list of upcoming digital trends that you should keep your eye on.

Trend 1: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence sounds like such an abstract concept that it’s sometimes hard to imagine how it could be helpful. Most of the time, it’s used as a vague ghoulish threat to your current livelihood. “Oooooh! AI is after your job!” But in reality, AI can be put to great use to analyse data sets that humans wouldn’t be able to number crunch by themselves.

For this reason, AI is very relevant to marketing when used to analyse current customer data. Based on the conclusions of AI, you can predict what kind of prospects would be interested in your products and services, and where to find them. AI can also be used as a social media listening device to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing.

Trend 2: Chatbots

Love them or hate them, chatbots have well and truly landed. “What’s a chatbot?” you may ask. A chatbot is a little digital helper who appears on websites to answer FAQs and help customers get the information they need as easily as possible. Some of them might talk to you, while some of them might just pop up with a question on the screen, usually something like, “how can I help you today?”
It’s estimated that by 2022, businesses will have saved over $8 billion per year due to the automation possible through chatbots. Just bear in mind that they work best when answering simple questions rather than attempting complex conversations. For questions of greater complexity, it’s always best to get a human to field the enquiry rather than risk customer frustration.

Trend 3: Live Video

What’s a more effective marketing tool than video? Live video of course! While the thought might be a little nerve wracking, the instantaneous nature of live video adds a level of credibility that’s hard to beat when it’s done the right way. You can’t hide anything in a live video, and that’s what makes it such a strong tool for building trust with prospective customers.

But just because live video can be a little experimental doesn’t mean you’ll be flying without an aerial map of the city in the form of a solid content strategy. If you don’t have a content strategy, have a good brainstorm and figure one out, or consult a marketing agency to help you create one.
Once you’ve got the strategy in place, you can pick your platform; anything from Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Periscope or Livestream.com. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of live video, as it can be a compelling tool for building a brand when done in a considered way.

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