How to Most Effectively Use Hashtags on Instagram

How to Most Effectively Use Hashtags on Instagram

if you have your own business, it’s highly likely that you are already posting to Instagram as part of your social media strategy. But are you getting the results you want? If that all-important engagement is remaining elusive, don’t worry – it can be fixed! A lot of it comes down to how you are using your hashtags on Instagram.

What Are Hashtags & Why Are They Important?

Hashtags are kind of like the keywords you type into Google when you’re searching for something. So, yes, they are powerful, and they can help you get found on Instagram. Hashtags allow an audience outside of your followers to find you based on which hashtags you use, which are really just topics related to your posts. For example, let’s say you own a café that specialises in hamburgers, and you’re posting pictures of delicious food on Instagram. You might use such hashtags such as #hamburgers or #foodiesMelbourne – hashtags that are relevant to the image you’re posting. There is no point using overly abstract hashtags that aren’t relevant to your product or service, as it will make your post harder to find by the relevant people – your ideal customers.

How Many Hashtags Do I Need?

There was once a time when everyone used the maximum amount of hashtags allowed – all 30 of them. Perhaps you’re still doing this, but it’s not helping you. Aim instead for Instagram’s recommended number of 3-5 high-quality hashtags. At a pinch, you could get away with a few more, but 3-5 is optimal.

How Big Do The Hashtags Need To Be?

When we talk size of hashtags, we really mean their volume by post number. Use a combination of larger and smaller hashtags, ranging between the sizes of 10,000 and 1 million. Don’t go over 1 million, as you won’t be seen in the hashtag feed due to there being too many competing posts.

What’s The Deal with Location Hashtags?

Location hashtags, like the one above, #foodiesMelbourne, ensure that you’re getting seen by an audience that’s local to your business’s location. For example, the hashtag #hamburgers could be seen by any number of people, some in the USA, some in Europe. They could be anywhere because that hashtag isn’t location-specific. But when you put a place into your hashtag, as with #foodiesMelbourne, you narrow the audience to find people in your area who can buy your products and services.

Still Confused About Hashtags? We Can Help!

At 23 Digital, we have experts in social media who can help you lift your hashtag game and find a new audience for your posts. By being across all the latest developments in social media and digital marketing more generally, we can give you the best advice. Ready to supercharge your business with digital marketing? Call us today on 1300 233 444.

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