Instagram Basics That Can Help You Get More Likes & Followers

Instagram Basics That Can Help You Get More Likes & Followers

Instagram – it’s one of the most accessible social media platforms out there today. But managing an Instagram account can feel like being lost in a jungle at times. You can see other animals in the wild killing it, with thousands of followers and likes – see that lion over there, for example, swanning around to digital applause whenever he posts? It can feel a little crushing when your post only gets one like. One like? One measly like? If you want to know how to grow your Instagram following, there are some basics that you need to get your head around, a few of which are covered in this blog post.

Upload More Often

If your Instagram account looks like the equivalent of a dusty desert with tumbleweed blowing across it, then you’re not providing much for people to engage with. If they see that you’ve hardly posted anything, they could think (rightly so) that your account isn’t very active, and not worth following. Give them something to sink their teeth into by uploading content more often to Instagram. When potential followers check you out, you want to have an abundance of high-quality posts for them to discover. So how often do you need to post? Daily is a good place to start, but multiple times a day is best for establishing your presence.

Create High-Quality Content

While you’re trying to post more often, it is vital that you don’t let the quality slip. You need to post high-quality content in order to enjoy more engagement and establish your brand as one worth following. High-quality content is shareable, inspires action in the form of likes and comments, and does a lot to spread word of mouth for your company. No-one’s going to share anything you post if it’s relevant to them, isn’t interesting, and does nothing to inspire. In fact, the internet’s most viral content does one or more of the following things: evokes emotion, spreads a positive message, or is practical and useful. Bear this in mind when you’re creating your social media content.

Focus on a Certain Message

You need to start thinking about your Instagram account like it’s a suave magazine about your topic of choice. Don’t make it too random or you’ll lose focus and people won’t know what your brand stands for or why they should care. Think of not just posting to Instagram, but curating your followers’ experience of your account. You should select content based on your own branding and sense of company personality. Everything you post needs to align with who you are as a business. What is your core message, anyway? Is it strong enough to build a content strategy around? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Want to Grow Your Instagram Account?

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