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Aussie Disposals

23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Quality outdoor adventure accessories and products – that’s what the company deals in!

Aussie Disposals is essentially an online store dealing in camping furniture, snow gear, fishing and cooking supplies, and everything related to adventure. The company procures quality outdoor and camping equipment for a great price to enable their clients experience an outstanding adventure experience.

The Challenges

The old website of Aussie Disposals was in M1 version which demanded modifications due to numerous reasons. The Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration service was primarily required due to poor layout, inadequate site functionality, and issues with shipping integration.

Inefficient Site Functionality
The older version lacked a modern layout along with advanced features, hindering clientele engagement and, in turn, business generation.
  • Loading issue
  • Custom pickup logic
  • Numerous challenges with PayPal, Checkout and Shipping
  • Difficulties with the ’Add to Compare’ feature
Issues with Shipping Integration
In recent times, timely and accurate shipping proves immensely beneficial for successful B2B businesses. Absence of 3rd party shipping integration dampened real-time information which boosts customer loyalty.
  • Hinders accuracy
  • Impedes clarity
  • Obstructed dynamic shipping display
  • Money and time loss
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
M1 to M2 Data Migration
The earlier site was not the latest version and thus did not possess many modern features. Thus, it hindered exposure unto prospective clientele while inhibiting brand awareness.
  • The old-fashioned user interface and design hindered business
  • Dampened order flow
  • Curtailed consumer engagement

The Solution We Gave

We offered a Magento 2 migration service which serves as a major e-Commerce wide step. Though a simple version update, the prior site required to be replicated and relaunched to the new version, ensuring adequate reflection of specific business reflection.

M1 to M2 Up-gradation
Our software enhancement offered a brand new coding structure, architecture and database design.

In addition to performance and website speed optimisation, our Magento 2 solutions procured a cleaner code fostering reliability.
  • Customised Pickup logic based on shipping and 24 + physical store.
  • Managed order emails for pickup and shipment generation.
  • Pick up logic on cart, details, and checkout page.
  • Migrated data (customer + products)
Site Alteration
Our expert normal and B2B website management services understand B2B e-Commerce is crucial and booming in recent times.

Our Magento software solutions offer an open source technology that provided powerful catalogue management, marketing, and search engine optimisation tools.
  • Website loading speed
  • Processing of goods between distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers
  • Dynamic shipping rate integration with Rendr
  • Facilitate admin generation of pick order and shipment email
Multi Store Inventory (MSI)
Our developers acknowledge that inventory management serve as an integral pillar for successful retail operation.

Our Magento 2 migration MSI solutions facilitate ecommerce businesses to satisfy their clients while curbing expenses and boosting profits subsequently. We deploy expert techniques that ensure the business stockpiles the products so demanded by their clientele.
  • Curtail shrinkage
  • Smoothen process while facilitating growth
  • Eliminate obsolesce and spoilage
  • Escalate profit margin
‘Click and Collect’ Feature
Our developers incorporated the concerned feature as it is increasingly growing popular amongst consumers.

Integration of the feature has been a sure shot process of garnering consumer reliability and preference, thereby bolstering business transactions.
  • Builds brand engagement
  • Omni-channel presence
  • Ease in purchase and collection
  • Fosters reliability
Shipping Feature Enhancements
We reckon that e-Commerce shipping integration feature with advanced Migration development service often automates the entire process.

Today, e-Commerce fulfilment and delivery is the focal point for many retailers. Our 3rd party integration shipping module in combination with TIG transforms the entire complex shipping process into a smooth process.
  • Efficient integration of AfterPay, eWay, PayPal, and ZipMoney
  • Changing the entire cart and checkout page flow
  • Deployed products and gift card sheet (generated by SYMPAC)
Website enhancement
We reckon that a B2B platform has emerged to be vital for effective business transactions and ultimate business success.

Our Magento 2 migration solutions ensure appropriate portals that offer security and privacy for electronic transactions. We ensure the online selling process turns effective that in turn boosts organisational profits.
  • Online ordering
  • More transparent
  • SEO
  • UI/UX enhancements
Social Media Integration
Our developers often advice on incorporation of social media handles into the website for effective digital advertisement.

We understand that social media has emerged as one of the most influential space that helps in reaching out to a wide consumer base.
  • UX improvements
  • Make ad reach out to potential clients
  • Digital marketing
  • Reduce expenses

The Result

The current website version promotes strategies and tactics that advocate optimisation of the website.

Stimulates Brand Engagement

Fostered experience to increase order conversion

Shipping Integration

Makes the entire shipping process seamless

Increased Traffic

Increased traffic for targeted keywords conversion

Fosters Revenue

Performance and Security Improvements

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