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Organic Angels

23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Organic fruits and vegetables – that’s the primary products of the company!

Organic Angels is primarily an online store that deals in organic fruits, vegetables, juice, seeds, tea, coffee, nuts, dried fruits, and gluten free bakery products. The company procures veggie and fruit boxes individually and even mixed boxes for greater convenience. Customers even have the freedom to choose their own fruits and vegetables.

The Challenges

The older website of Organic Angels was in M1 version. Numerous setbacks demanded modifications in the previous website. Our expert Magento 2 migration service aimed at facilitating functionality, inadequate layout, efficient subscription feature and shipping facilities.

Site Design Developments
The previous website wasn’t polished enough to make the business accessible unto a wider consumer base. Thus, it needed expert touch-up to foster web presence of the brand.
  • Hindered reaching out to potential consumers
  • Impeded user engagement and subsequent conversion
  • Hampered adequate marketing of products and services
  • Impede website loading speed
Integration of Subscription & Shipping Features
The prior version featured inadequate subscription-based services that rage the market trends these days. The website couldn’t cater to consumer taste adequately.
  • Did not possess subscription feature for orders
  • No facility of recurring subscription payment
  • Did not feature custom shipping facility
Search Engine Ranking Improvements
The previous version of the website did not achieve its ultimate objective – enhancing the website’s position in search engines.
  • Hindered large audience reach and brand engagement
  • Dampened buzz about the business.
  • Obsatructed sharing the latest news

The Solution We Gave

We offered expert Magento development services to curate the exact sophisticated business solution that the business required. Since e-commerce has increasingly emerged as a basic requirement for almost all companies, our expert services were aimed at successful scalability and flexibility enhancement.

Redesigned Website
The official website of a brand is essentially one of the greatest marketing platform sources for an e-commerce company.

We emphasised on curating a responsive, easy to operate and user-friendly site that promotes the business through its trustworthy content. While advertising all the products, services, offers forwarded by the store, it now attracts consumers every day.

  • UI/UX enhancements– new layout with a fresher look and feel
  • Fostered flexibility
  • Expand existing sites
  • Effectively promote products and services
  • Enhance consumer experience
Magento 2 Implementation
The concerned version is poplar primarily because of its business-centric features. Its plug-ins usually offers consumer support.

The Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration services forward the best e-Commerce platform that helps in delivering seamless customer experiences while accelerating revenues.

  • Faster loading
  • Device-friendly design
  • Foster SEO
  • Boost sales
  • Enhance and customise client experience
Integration of Subscription Features
We suggested the concerned integration in our Magento 2 migration services as it offers bi-fold advantages.

Both the business and its consumers stand to gain from such endeavours. Convenience is the most primary benefit – procuring an easy-to-fulfil shopping experience.

  • Subscription on orders
  • Recurring subscription payments
  • Sending regular delivery option to doorstep, email, or mailbox
  • Utilisation of consumer checklists or surveys effectively
  • Specify subscription frequency
Customisation Right from Checkout to Delivery
We are well-versed with UX improvements and the current market trends – more and more shoppers are signing up for subscriptions.

Consumers are increasing signing up for subscriptions such that they continue to receive products regularly thoroughly monthly boxes.

  • Checkout customisation
  • Custom reports
  • Personalisation of shipping techniques till delivery
  • Custom delivery manager
  • Offers a tailored, convenient, and affordable purchasing scheme
3rd Party Extension IntegrationV
While offering our expert Magento services, we suggested website speed optimisation alongside 3rd party integration to fulfil several operational needs.

The endeavour increase business inquiries while saving considerable time. The ultimate objective of satisfying consumers is to witness happy and loyal customers.

  • Add multiple web stores to the site
  • Boosts self-service possibility through online payment and invoice details
  • Update order details – shipping data and tracking
  • Exclusion and favourite manager
  • Gift card/customer credit

The Result

The current website version makes the business look more reliable while presenting it in a professional way.

Increased Traffic

Increased traffic for targeted keywords conversion

Boost Customer Experience

Visitors can surf the site, order services, and shop conveniently

Stimulates Brand Engagement

Fostered experience to increase order conversion

Shipping Integration

Makes the entire shipping process seamless

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