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Cricket Victoria

23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Cricket – the love of Australia – that’s what the company deals with!

Be it strategic planning or the annual report, Cricket Victoria, offers the makeup and future community cricket at Victoria. With an opportunity of getting involved with Australia’s fav and most preferred game, it offers vacancies for next career move.

The Challenges

The prior version undoubtedly demanded up-gradation with WordPress design and development due to the setbacks that it featured. The version demanded alternations in terms of convert static to WordPress due to issues in the UX/UI design, and inefficiency with services.

Issues in the UX/UI design
The prior version garnered lack of preference as it was not as per industry standards.
  • Not 100 per cent device friendly
  • Needed sport design layout inspiration ideas
  • Inadequate menu in terms of competitive businesses and teams
Inefficiency with Services
The prior website showcased ineffectiveness in explaining the services that the company offered.
  • Needed booking system to book lane
  • Required constant interaction with users and followers
  • Need for building plug-ins to participate in the Youth Premier League
Inadequacy in Leveraging Social Networks
The previous site did not feature social media integration.
  • Hindered large audience reach and brand engagement
  • Dampened buzz about the business.
  • Obstructed sharing the latest news

The Solution We Gave

With convert website to WordPress, we worked on site layout. Along with operational efficiency the new version contributed to scale performance and accelerates organisational sales. The advanced WordPress upgrade offer satisfactory experience that consumers often crave for.

Website Upgrade/Redesign
Along with internet and content marketing, updating the WordPress website is integral for garnering business.

We focus on responsibly designed WordPress migration service websites that automatically adapts itself to aptly fit different screen resolution and size in accordance to the device used.
  • Device friendly website design
  • User centric UI/UX enhancements in design
  • Foster consumer interaction
  • Enhance user experience and increase business inquiries
UX improvements
In present times, web presence has become primordial to sustenance of a business. Expert WordPress redesign and development facilitates the process.

While contributing to website speed optimisation, an efficiently designed and upgraded WordPress UI design serves as a highly effective and budget-friendly marketing tool.
  • Create market presence
  • Trigger point of contact
  • Instil professional reliability
  • Booking module development
  • Developed custom plugin for league participants system
Social Media Integration
Social media is the platform that enables marketers to engage and connect prospective clients.

The best WordPress design facilitates integration of social integration which has long been functional in boosting business and relationship of organisation with their potential clients and partners. It increases traffic for targeted keywords.
  • Built brand awareness and authenticity
  • Connect with opportunities
  • Promote digital marketing
  • Expand audience and community

The Result

WordPress website offers a unique platform to showcase brand values and vision, creating an emotional bond with consumers.

Boosted Search Engine Visibility

Stimulated brand awareness

Well-developed Lane Booking Module

Better bowling and batting practise

Augment Security and Performance

Facilitate participation in youth premier league

Fostered User Engagement

Amplify website loading speed and accessibility

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