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23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

The company deals in motion control and fuel technology!

HYDAC offers engineering advice, calibration & hydraulic services, personalised drawings and designs, technical training and predictive maintenance and cleanliness solutions for oil and fuel. It takes pride in offering an extensive range of products that cover all scopes of fluid power.

The Challenges

Lack of advanced features curtailed business generation. Moreover, inefficient functionality of the website hindered exposure unto prospective clientele while inhibiting brand awareness.

Improvement in Design
The previous site did not meet expectations pertaining to user engagement that contributed to low conversion rate.
  • Wasn’t a fully e-Commerce site
  • Online sales was not well generated
  • Design and page layout up-gradation
Multi website for AU & NZ
The earlier website did not facilitate management of all web and mobile properties from a single platform.
  • Limit across geographies (AU & NZ website Management from One Admin) maintenance
  • Affected brand consistency
SAP integration with Inventory and Order Management
In the prior version, the inventory and order management section did not feature SAP to Magento Inventory Sync
  • Hindered resource planning
  • Curtailed business efficiency
  • Dampened financial and customer relationship management
Business Operation Inefficiency
Featuring low website loading speed, the previous site portrayed considerable ineffectiveness in several business operations. In today’s world, such drawbacks dampened the business ROI.
  • Flaws in Stock Management
  • Ineffective Shipping Facility
  • Setback in per client price customisation
  • Dearth in multiple location stock management
The Section of Training Facility
Transferring all data from the old site to the new one was a challenge in itself.
  • No categorisation of training sessions and slots
  • Ineffective training registration
Search Engine Ranking Improvements
The previous version showed ineffectiveness in keywords ranking. Achieving higher SEO ranking was yet another challenge with the previous website.
  • Hindered brand exposure
  • Obstructed traffic to company website
  • Dampened sales generation

The Solution We Gave

Incorporation of multi website enabled the business to control all web and mobile features from a single platform. Moreover, the integration of SAP with Magento development offers comprehensive financial management capabilities that enhance business transactions.

UI/UX enhancements
Redesigning the website with Magento 2 migration offer new and fresh look and feels which further contribute to ROI.

UX improvements widely contributed to improved user experience, keeping them hooked in browsing the site for a longer period.
  • User centric UI design
  • Amplified organisational products
  • Augment browsing timings
  • Increase conversion rate
Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration
Deployment of Magento fostered e-Commerce website functionality.

Increasingly becoming popular as one of the best e-Commerce platforms, SAP to Magento Product integration offered enhanced content, appearance, and functionality to the website.
  • Device friendly design – fast downloading
  • Website speed optimisation
  • Augment stock & catalogue management
  • Effective marketing
  • Search engine optimsation (SEO) solutions
  • Supplement customer experience and relationship
SAP ERP integration with Magento multi website
Magento to SAP Order integration curates a centralised data management mechanism.

SAP (System Analysis Program) development essentially refers to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.
  • Business automation
  • Flexibility in multiple operation departments
  • Intensifies client engagement
  • Simplifies strategic planning
  • Facilitates finance tracking
SAP to Magento Customer integration enhances numerous functionalities.

Advanced and intuitive data monitoring conglomerated with full synchronisation procures a seamless omni-channel experience with multi website across geographies (Australia and New Zealand) management by one admin.
  • Price, Bulk Order
  • Repurchase
  • News
  • Blogs
  • Freight Checkout
  • Payment Method
Fostered Business Operation Efficiency
Reduction of wastage of efforts, materials, and time is integral to business prosperity.

SAP to Magento Customer Price Sync facilitates organisational operations.
  • Star Track Shipping extension Integration
  • PDF extension Integration and customisation
Training Functionality
The new Magento 2 migration service website layout promotes the training facilities that the company offers.
  • Facilitate training planning sessions
  • Categorise course, place & month
SEO Solutions
Greater business exposure to reach larger base of prospective consumers, contributing to sales generation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services make the business visible to appropriate clientele base and increase business inquiries. Thus, it attracts most relevant consumers to the company website, thereby creating high conversion sale or lead funnel.
  • Increased traffic for targeted keywords
  • Raise search engine ranking – aggrandize marketing initiative
  • Improve visibility in search engine results
  • Amplifies organic traffic – boost sales
  • Decrease workload

The Result

The current website version promotes strategies and tactics that advocate optimisation of the website.

Stimulates Brand Engagement

Establish brand authority and awareness

SEO Ranking Improvements

Instil consumer reliability and loyalty, incurring higher sales and boosting product sale up to 5 times

Trigger Organic Web Traffic

Escalate Performance by 500% while elevating generation by 300%

Exalt User Engagement

Generates business in all platforms Desktop/mobile/Tablet

Swells Business

Performance and Security Improvements

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