eCommerce Strategy / Design Direction / Custom ASP.NET

Think Real Estate

23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Training top performing companies involved in Australian Real Estate industry – that’s what the business primarily specialises in!

Think Real Estate takes immense pride in offering the best online real estate courses in the market. Moreover, they are engaged in education and real estate auctioneer, property management courses, estate training, tutorial workshops, and action services.

The Challenges

Think Real Estate aims at offering cutting edge online training practices within a state of the art online e-learning system in amalgamation with innovative resources. However, the company considered UX improvements as it faced limitations in adapting to meet the ever-changing market scenarios.

Industry Specific UI Design
The previous site featured an inadequate layout that hindered business productivity. It hindered the ability to provide online learning feature for large business.
  • Users didn’t feel easy to use
  • Demanded user friendly navigation
  • Needed efficient time tracking for both student and assessor
Learning Management Solution
Dealing in online courses primarily, the business experienced substantial blockage with the prior version. The site required integration of all latest features.
  • Demanded course builder from com.auas a 3rd party API integration
  • The learning path needed customisation
  • Providence of course completion on certification
Dashboard Personalisation
The dashboard needed to be modified for greater efficiency and convenience of consumers. It demanded menus that featured –
  • Course admin
  • Executive
  • Instructor
  • Licensing
Requirement of Standard & Customisation of Reports
The previous website needed developments for reports standard and personalisation.
  • Tailoring features of subscription
  • Report of learning plan
  • Assessments and quiz
  • Enrolment report

The Solution We Gave

In recent times, consumers demand brand engagement, efficiency and convenience when demanding online services for real estate courses. Our developers deploy .net to create web applications and feature-rich websites.

Site Enhancement
Our experienced developers are well-versed in working with .net platforms while ensuring increased traffic for targeted keywords.

Most web developers and development companies today focus on advanced technologies to meet growing demand for innovative products and the rising competition.

  • Tailors industry specific theme design
  • Facilitates website speed optimisation
  • Creates fast and simple web pages
  • Browser friendly navigation
3rd Party API Integration for the Course from
We are an expert in this domain. We can skilfully build applications instead of writing repetitive routines.

Our developers offer tools that enable software to inter-operate across platforms. Such effort paradigm curates new product niches.

  • User friendly site
  • Fosters website loading speed
  • User-wise report and dashboard personalisation
  • Facilitating online payment
Development of Learning Management Solution (LMS)
We suggest comprehensive online portal to merge all local, regional and national training endeavours.

Larger organisations often bring in challenges that keep all departments and teams together. They strive to offer them timely information for efficient performance while gaining the best results.

  • UI/UX enhancements
  • Develop alluring assessments
  • Receive updated notifications
  • Effectively merge multiple similar courses logically

The Result

The current website benefits the business in multiple ways. It enhances both aestheticism and functionality of the site.

Boost Performance Tracking

Garnering brand loyalty

Fosters User Engagement

increase business inquiries

Efficient Professional Learning Approach

Amplify performance to the best level

Secured Online Payment

Augment clientele trust

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