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Freight Save

23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Domestic and international shipping and deliveries – that’s what the company deals in!

Freight Save primarily focuses on eliminating all instances of lengthy delays or consumers waiting on hold for call centres. The company endeavours to be completely committed to their clients and strives to raise the bar when it comes to setting an industry standard!

The Challenges

Freight Save has been looking to convert static website to WordPress for enhancing functionality and consumer interaction in their website. The previous website hindered business generation due to inefficiency of the site.

Site Upgradation
The previous company website was not efficient when it came to promoting the services that the business offered. Thus, conversion suffered a setback.
  • Dampen website loading speed
  • Inadequate better shipping services representation in Australia
  • Obstruct coordinating and integrating major courier systems
  • Hinder thorough shipping services with the best courier services
Integration of Machship custom API
The previous site was not a WordPress website and did not feature Machship quotes which affected quotes estimation for consumers.
  • Hinder automatic integration of consignments and quotes
  • Inadequate automation of logistical operations
  • Inefficiency of centralisation of freight management solutions
  • Obstruct consistency across operations
Inadequacy in Tracking
Both appropriate orders tracking and reporting of the same are integral for success of any freight management. Inefficiency Wordpress theme development in this section undoubtedly hampers business generation.
  • Dampens workplace management
  • Hinders latest technology
  • Impede online order tracking
  • Unavailability of integrated omni-channel fulfillment services
Inefficient Consumer Interaction
Ineffective WordPress UI design is fatal. When business cannot meet consumer expectation, the latter leaves for the former’s competitors.
  • Hinders client loyalty
  • Obstruct consideration
  • Dampens experience
  • Hamper awareness

The Solution We Gave

In the present times, consumers demand for real-time tracking of their shipments. Our developers planned to convert website to WordPress platform and the effort facilitated extension of accurate tracking updates and shipping information.

Integration of Custom Interface
Our developers reckon web-based customisation of WordPress development, redesign and upgrade proves to be beneficial for a plethora of applications.

With the best WordPress design, they migrated all articles, content and location, to the new site for a seamless functioning.

  • Tailor courier booking development
  • Greater functionality
  • Foster clientele experience
  • Promotion of brand on various social platforms
Website Upgradation
Our developers suggested a WordPress design and development to boost business exposure and conversion.

In the WordPress development theme, our UX designers suggested usage of the best Content Management System and introduced positive, qualitative and quantifiable alterations for the business services. The efforts –

  • Fostered revenue generation
  • Boost consumer loyalty
  • Aid in customer retention
  • Contribute to client satisfaction
Responsive Website Design
Our developers acknowledge the efficiency of website speed optimisation and designing an all-platform friendly website for expanding business.

We realise having UX improvements that feature an all-platform optimised website contributes to SEO dividends, since Google openly endorses the responsive design approach. Such an approach facilitates most people’s intention of using different search terms between mobile and desktop usage.

  • More user friendly experience
  • Boost traffic and brand engagement
  • Benefit from local search conversions
  • Easier navigation with better visibility for consumers
Integration of Digital Marketing
When it comes to UI/UX enhancements, our developers align their thoughts with business entrepreneurs to reach target consumers at the right place and time.

Efficient digital marketing is primordial to successful business online, fostering brand reach and converting into leads.

  • Increase business inquiries
  • Boost revenue generation
  • Bolster organic traffic
  • Ensure thorough keyword research and implementation

The Result

Our developers took professional WordPress migration services right from research to launch to portray accurate data results in real-time. It helps in measuring ROI of every aspect of marketing.

Enhances client experience

Efficiency in booking courier services

Better SEO

Augment CMS and increased traffic for targeted keywords

Successful project delivery

Deployed new courier feature that achieved efficient shipping goals

Instill Reliability

Amplify performance and security to the best level.

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