The Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends of 2015

The Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends of 2015

2015 is gearing up to be a big year for social media marketing.

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This rapidly growing area of social media marketing has exploded in popularity as more businesses discover its potential – namely its direct communication with audiences and effective customer reach.

Many have wondered if the coming year will see the social media landscape drastically change, or remain the same.

Will Facebook’s popularity continue?

Will alternative options emerge?

How will increased mobile use affect marketing through social media?

All these questions makes you wonder what social media trends are going to be popular in 2015

23 Digital has projected the top 5 social media marketing trends of 2015.

Mobile use will increase

In a world where more people are seemingly glued to their mobile phone, it’s only natural that internet browsing on mobile devices will increase.

What will this mean for social media marketing?

The most important action to take is ensuring all websites and social media advertisements are optimised correctly for mobile devices.

If an ad or website isn’t properly displayed on a mobile device, it won’t be as effective when viewed on this platform and you could be missing a large chunk of your audience.

All content should be correctly formatted for mobiles as well as computers, improving overall user experience and increasing the effectiveness of campaigns.

Social media users will disperse

2014 saw a slight shift away from social media giant Facebook.

Due to privacy concerns and controversial changes, many flocked to alternative networks such as Ello that don’t sell the information of users or display advertisements. Other users have simply branched out to sites that provide added functionality or unique features.

Nevertheless, it’s important to consider what this dispersion means for you and your business.

With users spreading out across a number of networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, it’s essential to monitor where your audience is spending the most time, and market appropriately to this platform.

Google+ will continue to decline in popularity

Despite the brand power backing it, Google+ has never reached the dizzying heights once hoped for, and now it’s looking likely its decline will continue.

The apparent cause of this is a proliferation of other networks taking away prospective users, resulting in few adopters.

Today, Google+ has been described as being a ghost town, with many who signed up initially for the social network leaving it for more populated sites.

Image-based social networks will become a valuable tool

While Facebook has been instrumental in social media marketing in recent years, new algorithms severely restrict the number of users who are exposed to each post.

It’s predicted that this will lead to a shift away from Facebook for businesses, with other image-based social networks being increasingly used.

These networks include Instagram and Pinterest, both of which do not currently limit how many people can view your content.

Other forms of media will be taken advantage of

More and more businesses are discovering alternative forms of media they can use to build up their social media presence.

One example of achieving this is through video. Engaging with your audience through the creation of relevant, entertaining or informative videos is highly beneficial, raising awareness of your brand.

Audience engagement can also be encouraged through competitions that result in the creation of user-generated content (e.g. images or videos) incorporating your business.

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