What to Consider When Building a Website

What to Consider When Building a Website

Keeping certain considerations near the top of your mind is vital when you’re building a website for your business and you want to get positive results. Rather than taking random steps and hoping for the best, you need to have a plan in place before you begin. Doing so will make your job much easier and help you expand your business. Here are some of the top considerations you need to keep in mind.

Clear Goals

A lot of people will make a website because someone told them it was a good idea, but they don’t have any goals or a sense of direction. Not having a goal will cause you to waste time, energy and money on a website that won’t do its job right. Your website and every page on it must have a clear purpose if you want to succeed. Whether you would like for people to join your mailing list, donate to your cause or buy something, knowing your goals lets you move in the right direction.

Start Simple

You need to start simple when making a website. Too many people try using complex designs and a range of different font types on their websites. This mistake can distract your visitors and prevent them from buying your product or service, so you never want to follow that path if you value your bottom line.

You should start simple and use only one or two colours in the beginning. You must also remember that every change can impact your conversion rate, no matter how small. Once your website is up and running, you can make small changes and track the results until you get the design you want.

Be Mobile-Friendly

More people than ever before are using their smartphones to surf the web and buy the products they love. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you’ll lose more customers than you might think. Using a responsive design lets you avoid that roadblock and keep your business on track to success and long-term profitability.

Let Us Help

If you’re serious about crafting a winning website that grabs attention and inspires people to buy from you, enlisting a proven web design and marketing team is a wise investment. The experts at 23 Digital will learn about your business and its needs before creating a website you can depend on. Give us a call today to get started.

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