What You Need to Consider When Designing Your Website

What You Need to Consider When Designing Your Website

At first, you might think that the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to website design is aesthetics. But while it’s important that your website looks good, that’s not the whole story. Any digital agency in Melbourne worth its salt will also insist that a website design must perform well by other important criteria as well. Taking a more holistic view of your website design will help all areas of your digital marketing efforts, including SEO.
You need to ensure you’re across all aspects of website design, including how long your site will take to load, how easily users can interact with it, whether it will be good for SEO, and whether it will outlast trends. Below are four criteria that you need to pay attention to whether you’re designing a website for yourself or getting a digital agency in Melbourne to build one for you.

1. Make It User-Friendly

Remember that websites are made for the people who will be browsing them online. A website needs to therefore achieve certain objectives in reaching and entertaining its target audience. It needs to be engaging enough as a source of information that users want to stay on the site for a good length of time. If your website can keep people on it for longer – and this is where SEO and great content writing comes in – then you’re halfway there to generating more leads, business and profit for yourself, all by offering a genuinely useful service to your customers.

2. Take Advantage of Online Tools

There are a plethora of online tools available to help you with good website design if you’re not hiring a digital agency in Melbourne to design your site for you. You might already be using the Adobe Creative Suite of products, but other notable names include Genius, Logo Lab and Maze. Google these tools and test out their capabilities for yourself, enabling you to improve on different aspects of web design.

3. Let Your Content Breathe

White space isn’t the same as empty space. On a website, white space, or negative space as it’s also called, has an important function. The gaps between sections, headings and blocks of text let the content breathe. Why is this important? It makes the information on the website easier to take in for users. It also avoids a cluttered look and helps the website to give a more professional impression.

4. Beware of Trends

When you make use of trends in web design, you’re instantly putting an expiry date on the look of your website. For example, a past trend in web design was to always use stock photography. But these days, stock photography has been replaced by more unique and customised images that really express the personality of a company. People don’t want bland, perfect and generic anymore − that’s boring. Today’s customers want to know you and what makes your business different. Part of this can be conveyed by the way you design your website if you steer clear of trends and stay true to your brand.

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