5 Signs You Need a New Website

5 Signs You Need a New Website

These days, nearly every business has recognised the benefits of having an online presence, leading to a proliferation of websites.

Due to this, it’s no longer enough to simply have a website; it’s also critical that your website stands out from competitors and effectively drives clients to your business.

An old and outdated website that’s lacking in features & conversions may hinder your business instead of helping it.

Here are 5 Signs You Need a New Website.

You’re not ranking on search engines

Most of the traffic to your website will originate from search engines, so if your website isn’t ranking when you type in relevant search terms, your business is probably receiving very little traffic.

This can be particularly harmful if your business relies on clients stumbling upon your website.

Fortunately, this can be rectified with a new website that employs effective search engine optimisation, allowing your business to appear high in search engine results.

You also need to make sure that your website is designed with latest design trends.

You’re getting the traffic, but not the leads

If your website is receiving plenty of traffic but your business isn’t benefitting as a result, then your website may be poorly implemented, causing visitors to click off as soon as they arrive on your page.

5 Signs You Need a New Website

Some causes of this include having a loud, disruptive audio file or video that starts playing automatically, as well as content that simply doesn’t capture the attention of your audience.

A frustrating and difficult to navigate website can also be blamed for low lead rates.

You have a high bounce rate

A bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors to your website that only visit one page before leaving.

bounce rate

Successful websites have low bounce rates, with users staying on and exploring other pages.

Websites with high bounce rates usually lack staying power, with very little reason for visitors to remain on the website.

Another reason for a high bounce rate could be a bad first impression, with visitors less likely to remain on a poorly designed website.

Your business direction has significantly changed

Since your website was created, your business may have chosen to change direction.

change of business direction

Maybe your website caters for an audience that you’ve chosen to no longer target, or perhaps you need a website that’s more professional in appearance to reflect the established status of your business.

Whatever the reason, it’s important for your website to be aligned with your current business direction to attract the right client type.

Your website doesn’t appear properly on mobile devices

With mobile device use increasing at a rapid rate, it’s crucial that your website is accessible on smaller screens.

If your website looks like a dog’s breakfast when viewed on a mobile device, you could be giving potential clients a bad first impression of your business, causing a drop in vital leads.


A well designed and responsive website will allow clients to access your site on the go and give a great impression of your business.

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