5 Tips for Crafting Effecting SEO Content

5 Tips for Crafting Effecting SEO Content

Content is king in the online world, as it’s what gets people to click on your site and discover your products or services. If you’re looking to boost your rankings, it pays to know a few search engine optimisation tips to propel your content to the next level.

Keep People on Your Site

The longer someone stays on your site, the better your site will rank on Google. Try putting interesting phrases in the content as well as attention-grabbing page titles to keep people interested and clicking through onto your site.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

If you’re selling a product, long-tail keywords can drive more traffic to your site. Just go to Amazon or Google, search for a specific keyword, and wait a second. A drop-down list will appear with numerous long-tail keywords that you can use to beat your competition.

Take Advantage of Social Media

People want to share good content with their friends. Include shareable links and tweet buttons on your page to make your content easy to share online.

Get Clever with Related Searches

Maybe you have a blog about dogs. Search for “small dogs” on Google. Now scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see “Searches related to small dogs.” Use these new searches, such as “popular small dog breeds” or “best small dogs for families” as keywords in your content to help you rank higher.

Craft a Strong Call to Action

Whether you’re writing content about a product or writing a list of tips and tricks, don’t leave the reader hanging at the end. Always include a final call to action to promote your services or write a conclusion to wrap things up.

Better SEO, Better Results

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