6 Tips for Writing Engaging & Effective SEO Content

6 Tips for Writing Engaging & Effective SEO Content

When most people think about SEO, they think about search engine monoliths like Google and how to ‘outsmart’ them. They often forget the most crucial aspect of any SEO content strategy: the audience. Writing engaging content becomes a lot simpler when you think about serving your audience. Want highly ranked, traffic-driving, lead-generating SEO content? Then serve your audience. And then find ways to do it better.

What do we mean by ‘serving’? We’re not talking about a tennis match here. It’s all about generating SEO content that benefits the reader in ways that are compelling to them. It’s also about timing and having relevant content available that answers the reader’s questions right when they need answers. The SEO ranking is almost like an added bonus for you, the business owner. But these days, we’re not writing for robots anymore − we’re writing for fellow humans who are on the hunt for answers to their problems. And that’s where great SEO content becomes compelling.

Below are six of our best tips for creating high-ranking yet highly readable SEO content for your business or brand.

Tip #1 – Find Your Audience

To ensure your audience can find you, you need to be creating content that answers their burning questions. In addition, your SEO content needs to include targeted keywords which are the exact words your desired customers are typing into Google.

Tip #2 – Make it Easy to Read

Making something simple doesn’t mean dumbing it down − it just means making it easy for most people to read. Your SEO content needs to be clear and well-organised on the page. Sometimes your website design or formatting might need to be improved to facilitate easy reading.

Tip #3 – Go Into the Deep End

While you want your content to be readable, don’t be afraid to swim out into the deep end of relevant information on the topic you’re writing about. Real facts and figures add context and specifics to your content, which makes your SEO content more persuasive and compelling.

Tip #4 – Make Sure Pages Load Fast

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow loading website page, and in this day and age, it really shouldn’t still be happening. If you know that your content is loading slowly on your website, this is something you need to fix ASAP. Your audience is impatient; they won’t wait for things to load, even if it only takes a couple of seconds – a few seconds too long and they’ll be gone!

Tip #5 – Add Visuals

Images get people’s attention, and attention is a rare resource on the internet. Any trick that you can use to get attention for your SEO content – any trick that is ethical, might we add – is worth trying. So make sure that your SEO content has original, attractive photography, infographics or other visuals to accompany it.

Tip #6 – Aim for Featured Snippets

‘What’s a featured snippet?’ you might ask. Well, it’s a little block of information that comes up at the top of search results when a user asks a question. This block of information is directly pulled from a website that has a high-quality answer provided on it. You could be that website if you offer well-structured, high-quality answers to common questions relating to your business’ area of expertise.

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