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23 Digital led the way in designing a responsive website with multiple store fronts and a single backend, making management a breeze.

Company Overview

Products and services concerning the print industry – that’s what the company deals in!

Starleaton is widely known in the market for its excellence – be it in the products or the services that they deal in! With an extensive array of branded products advocating innovation, margin and quality that help achieve organisational goals, it helps businesses grow in a budget-friendly manner.

The Challenges

In today’s era of widespread online business, getting a competitive edge over other market players is imperative to make good business. The previous website demanded designing and layout enhancement. It showcased inadequacy in sale generation, limitation in online business operations and inefficiency.

Ineffective Sale Generation
The prior site was did not generate as much online sales as initially expected which hampers business expansion.
  • Did not offer a competitive edge
  • Dampened achievement of business goals
  • Inadequate user engagement
  • Conversion was not impressive
Limitation in Online Business Operations
The old website wasn't fully an e-Commerce one. It featured certains setbacks in –
  • Generating online sales
  • Shipping facility
  • Multi user sub accounts
  • Custom requirements
  • Due invoice payments
Inadequate efficiency
Limitations in the old site, served as a setback in offering the company a competitive setback.
  • Multi website AU & NZ management from one Admin
  • Required SAGE integration for Inventory and order management
  • Due invoice payment
  • Price customisation as set by client

The Solution We Gave

The Magento development service primarily aims at stimulating consumer experience. With an abundance of advanced features, the software facilitates multiple enterprises in offering quality shopping experience to users. Website speed optimisation, enhanced security and customisation, with easier usage are the most prominent aspects of the initiative.

Functionality & UI/UX Enhancements
The development initiative offers a better platform that speeds up performance.

UX improvements, in turn, enhance overall speed of the online store, contributing to client experience.
  • Device friendly design
  • Curtails cart abandonment cases
  • Enhances shopping experience
  • Boosts order value potential
  • Stock availably
  • Price countdown options
SAGE ERP integration with Magento multi website
Magento and SAGE integration is no small project, and the advantages of the same are countless.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration along with SAGE integration offers real time data that contributes to more efficient collaboration and sound business decisions. The initiative of SAGE to Magento Customer integration triggers communication between back office functions and sales teams.
  • Streamlines business operation
  • Multi website (AU and NZ) management from one Admin
  • Allows acess to multiple sellers
  • Offers prize customisation – SAGE to Magento Customer Prices Sync
Magento Implementation
The initiative help meet customer experience, facilitating brand engagement, budgeting management and inventory maintenance.

Magento 2 migration service offers a highly scalable platform and comes handy while catering to substantial amount of traffic requirements. SAGE to Magento Product Integration allows integration of plug-ins and extensions that further increased traffic for targeted keywords, thereby boosting clientele experience. Successful operation of SAGE to Magento Inventory Sync contributed to effective store management that promotes –
  • Catalogue and order management
  • Efficient browsing and navigation
  • Management of consumer accounts
  • Data reporting and analysis
Extension Integration
SAGE to Magento Sales Order Integration essentially offers a standalone platform that provides easy customisation.

Magento 2 migration and integration services further promotes efficient collaboration with human resource, shipping services, ERPs, accounting and CRMs.
  • Shipping – repurchase and non-bulky freight
  • Payment – checkout and due payment method
  • News and blogs
  • Subaccount and CustomForms
  • HidePrice and MailChimp

The Result

The current version transformed the online business store into a unique one.

Fast Page Download

Fosters website performance

Enhances User Engagement

Increase business inquiries

Optimises SEO Operations

Enhances web traffic by 300 per cent

Promotes Business

Triggers sales growth and business expansion

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