Turning your Website Traffic into Qualified Leads

Turning your Website Traffic into Qualified Leads

“So what is qualified leads anyways?”

It’s the bullseye of your website! In most case, if your website is generating qualified leads, it’s doing its job!

As you already know that there are millions of websites out there on internet which are attracting tons of traffic. However, only few thoughtfully designed sites do produce qualified leads.

Generating traffic alone on the website does not produce revenue, or does it?

Many business  owners set up their sites and blogs just because they know that website is necessity and everyone else is doing it. They think that leads will start flowing through by simply putting together a website, some content pages and writing regular blog posts.

However, once they make their site live, they do realise their mistake and often do not get results what they expected. Eventually, they get tired and stop doing anything about their website in the frustration that it does not work.

Are you one of them? If you are, then you seriously need to read this article.

I have worked with so many clients in the last 8 years and have successfully increased leads (in some cases by over 300%) by simply putting the tactics that I have discussed in this blog post.

I want you to read this post and apply these tactics to your website if you are serious about generating more qualified leads from your website.

If you read this blog till last, I will also share some bonus materials that will show you tools needed to generate more leads from your website.

All the tips below are based on my personal experience working on different types of websites along with my team day in day out.

So let’s get started.

1. Designing a website to increase qualified leads.

Before you start your next website design project or working on improving existing website, you must outline the digital strategy to generate qualified leads.

Your digital strategy should include:

  • What kind of traffic you want to attract?
  • What problem you would like to solve for your prospects.
  • What action you want your visitors to take?
  • How you will spread this noble cause on internet?

Understand your user funnel and decide how you are going to make your customer aware about your business, how you can establish relationship with prospects, establish your business as a leader and known names to convert them to lead.

website lead journey

This will help you create a roadmap for generating qualified leads.

However, in order for your digital strategy to be successful, you must create clean, elegant and modern custom web design with easy to use navigation.

You must write quality headlines on your pages and great content with convenient call to action button placed at right places.

This will encourage your site visitors to submit contact forms or enquiry forms.

The types of call to action that you put on your website depends largely on the nature of your business but most businesses at the very least use basic enquiry form with clear visible phone number and least number of fields.


I also recommend that you drive users to a thank you page when they submit forms where your secondary call to action could be placed.

You could use thank you pages for the following uses. You decide, what works for your business best.

  • Subscribe to our blog to increase your email list.
  • Like your social media pages to increase your social followers.
  • Allow your prospects to download free resources about different topics in your industry.
  • Tell, how your company is different than your competitors.

Think this digital strategy road map as qualified lead generation tool.

2. Landing Pages

If lead generation is important to your business, you can’t ignore effective landing pages on your site or blog.

Landing pages are one of the more effective ways to generate quality prospects from your website or blog.

Your Audience is reading the information on your site to solve specific problem or to learn more about the topic you have written.

You must help them by providing more information in the form of eBook or helping them providing Free consultation or subscribing to your future blog posts.

In order to do this, you must have every page designed like a landing page to capture your visitor’s attention and convert them to lead.

However you must understand and craft the purpose of your landing pages.

Many bloggers or website marketers provide lot of information on the landing pages, content pages or blog without any purpose.

Below is a perfect example of what the landing page should look like.

landing page wireframe

Follow below tips in designing the landing pages:

  • A clear Headline is vital. Create an eye catching headline which grabs attention of your website visitors.
  • An effective landing page calls the visitor to perform an action. A Clear call to action is essential.
  • Have a Single Objective.
  • Design of the page must have inclusion of bullet points and list. Content must be scanable.
  • An effective landing page must build trust and credibility
  • An Effective Landing Page Provides Convincing Information You Need to Make a Decision

If you need help in setting up landing pages on your site, please click here to contact one of our expert consultants, who will help you with setting up landing pages on your WordPress blog or site.

You can also read about our guide to effective landing pages here.


3. Notification Bars.

Sticky Notification bars are usually placed on top your website which lets you create a call to action and a link to landing page.

As this notification bar is sticky, this can stay on top of your website as visitor scroll down.

You can put email subscribe form or a link to an important discounted offer which relates to the subject of your post or content page. This helps grab visitor’s attention and hence help you generate qualified lead.

I have listed few plugins that you can install on your WordPress website or blog.

WordPress Notification Bar

WPFront Notification Bar

Top Bar


4. Pop up Bar on your website.

There are many websites that you might have visited, which does have pop up screen coming up with an offer to subscribe to newsletters, download an eBook or receive a free consultations.

These pop up with proper offers and incentives are best ways to generate qualified leads.

pop up

To help you set up pop ups on your WordPress website or blog, I highly recommend popup domination plugin.

This is a premium plugin with cost involved in it. However, I highly recommend that you go for this plugin to save lot of development time and generate aesthetically pleasing popup forms on your website.


5. Opt-in Forms below the posts.

Collecting emails from the visitors and building your email list is one of the important aspects of your online marketing efforts. The stats are surprising that over 80% of new visitors won’t return back so it is wise idea to collect their emails.

I recommend that using an email opt-in form at the bottom of your posts works quite well. You can also use opt-in form below post to promote your products like eBooks or services.

optin form

You can find many plugins that could help you set up this. I have just listed a link from where you can get this plugin to save you some time.


6.Welcome Redirects:

One of the best ways to achieve a desired action on your site or blog post is to redirect the first time visitors to take certain actions based on the subject topics.

You can redirect your first time visitors to opt-in to your list in return for something valuable such as a free eBook or a newsletter. I highly recommend that you do this for only new visitors and not the returning visitors and only do this on your blog home page.

I also recommend that such welcome redirects to be only used for short period of time to get a boost to leads.





Lead collection is an important part of any website or blog and we should make sure that we have an effective method in place.

These points and plugins are just a few of the best options out there and you should make sure that you find one that works best for your particular audience.

You should always endeavour to attract quality visitors to your website or blog by quality content and give people something valuable through your emails.

If you know any other methods of converting traffic into leads that do let me know below through our comment section. If you liked this article, please do share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter or Google+.

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