Why It’s Important to Hire an SEO Agency with Web Design Expertise

Why It’s Important to Hire an SEO Agency with Web Design Expertise

Not every digital agency in Melbourne is experienced in all kinds of digital marketing. So if you need some SEO work done, make sure you choose a digital agency that also has web design expertise. Why is this? Well, whether you have an online business or a physical retail store, your web design acts as the face of your business online. When you hire a receptionist, you hire someone with good personal presentation − someone who is neat, well dressed and polite to your clients − because you know they are the face of your business. Don’t allow your web design to let you down by being out-dated, clashing or having dysfunctional design elements.

The way to avoid a web design disaster is to hire a digital agency in Melbourne that knows their stuff when it comes to web design. In case you needed further encouragement, here are some more reasons why great web design is crucial to the success of your business.

1 – Create Good First Impressions

A user’s first impression of your website is 94% all about the design of your site. That’s a big percentage! This factoid is taken from a study conducted by Farah Alsudani and Matthew Casey called “The Effects of Aesthetics on Web Credibility”. So if your website looks great – and it has useful relevant content, as we always harp on about on this blog – then your credibility rating with potential clients soars! But conversely, if your website design looks subpar or takes a century to load, then you’re in trouble. Your credibility and company likeability factor will plummet and people will click off your website as quickly as possible.

2 – Display Your Products and Services Page Proudly

86% of visitors will go straight for your products or services page before they go anywhere else on your site. So please, don’t hide away this page in some dark corner of your website. Your visitors need to know what you do, and they need to know if your services or products are relevant to what they want. If they get lost trying to figure out where your services are hiding, they’ll leave your site in a huff and they won’t be back.

3 – Content: It’s Very Important!

Did you know that your potential customers will spend an average of 5.59 seconds reading your content before making a (very quick) judgement call on its relevance, quality and credibility? That means that you need to put together the best quality SEO content you can to reel potential clients in. So not only do you need an eye-pleasing website design, you also need high-quality content to give that design substance and make it relevant to your customer. To make your content easier to digest, consider packaging some of it in other forms such as videos, infographics, charts or interactive elements.

4 – Visitors Won’t Return After a Bad Experience

Just like offline customers, once a visitor has had a bad experience with your company via your website, it’s likely they won’t return to your site. This is especially true if that was their first time visiting. Any slightly negative experience such as a website taking a few extra seconds to load can easily put potential customers off. So make sure your website looks beautiful, functions well and displays great content to keep people coming back!

Need Help From a Digital Agency in Melbourne with SEO & Web Design Experience?

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