Digital Strategy / Design Direction / Web Design /Custom Web Application /Digital Marketing


23 Digital led Brand development including artwork, Strong journey-based user experience, Touch-friendly, responsive design and best-practice eCommerce.

Rainnbow is globalMusic & Band Directory! Company is focussed on supporting emerging bands and help them advertise their profile and their tracks on the new rainbow web portal. Rainnbow brings together your favourite music band services and join up listening and sharing to connect your musical world. Rainnbow helps you explore a vast world of music and learn about new music bands you might like. It also helps you see what other people like and share your passion for music with them. You can support your favourite music band by donating.

Rainnbow founders approached us with the unique challenge of articulating the culture and vision of a supporting emerging music bands globally. Our key objective was to develop a flexible brand platform that could evolve over the years while still remaining culturally relevant. The idea had to be broad enough to encompass the diverse set of experiences with the ability to attract a youthful demographic of business and creative professionals.


We partner with our clients to understand their individual needs and
elevate the value of their brands through thoughtfully designed web experiences.